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24Funds – one of the top brokers on the market, for beginner & expert traders around the globe. 24Funds Trading Group provides access to thousands of assets, currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices. Serving with a world-class trading platform, transparent trading conditions and competitive services, we proudly stay number one online trading service provider in Europe.
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Identify trading opportunities and execute your trades through the most powerful trading platform, 24Funds Webtrader. We consider it crucial to provide the best trading conditions, the highest speed of execution and multiple account types. Since no 2 clients are the same, we created three account types so you can choose depending on your trading goals and aspirations.

10- 15% BONUS ON

We want only the success of our traders. This is why we are committed to help them anyway we can. We will boost your capital with a 15 % bonus the first time you make a deposit. You will be allowed to trade with the bonus and withdraw the profits you make out of it. Your account balance will be increased and you will be opening more positions in the market.


It might happen that the market shifts completely on the opposite side with what you thought. Therefore your account balance is drastically affected, and it happens, it goes theoretically under zero. 24Funds automatically will compensate the account balance to zero, so you can have a new, fresh start.

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