Negative Balance Protection is a free service we provide for everyone

24Funds Trading Group has made its number one priority, protecting clients capital with all the ways possible. We offer the great chance of protecting your account from negative balance, because we know financial markets may sometimes be very harsh and the prices can move in a complete opposite direction compared to what you might have predicted. We will automatically bring your account to zero balance if it happens to go under zero. This is a free service for all our clients. No matter what happened yesterday, you will always have the chance to start over today.

Protect the account from debts

Risk applied
only on deposited funds

Automatically reset to zero balance

24Funds promises that you put in risk only the funds you have already deposited into the account. It does not include any debt payments from the trader. Traders are only protected from what they lose beyond their deposited funds.

The market circumstances might go in such a way, that you lose your capital. Market might shift drastically, affecting the value of your account. Because of the high volatility and price shifts, the trader is exposed to a high level of risk. 24Funds compensates the losses to zero. Of course, you can also put some limits to protect your capital from going under zero. Use the following functions:

Define Stop Loss & Take Profits

Apply leverage carefully

Always take care of the trading volume